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MCFPA General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pre-Meeting Feed @ 6:30 p.m.; Meeting @ 7:00 p.m.

Florence Fire Department, 234 Holloway Lane, Florence

In Attendance: Becky White - USFS Seeley Lake;Frank Maradeo – Seeley Lake Fire; Sarah Coefield, MCCHD Air Quality; Brent Christopherson - Missoula Rural Fire; Matthew Hall - Missoula Unit, DNRC; Adriane Beck – Frenchtown Fire; A.J. Harrison – Florence Fire; Charlie Lambson – Florence Fire; Tom Martin – Florence Fire; Garrett Venters – Missoula City Fire; Michael Painter – Missoula City Fire.

MCFPA Chair Frank Maradeo called the September meeting to order. Florence Fire was thanked for putting together a great feed – special award to Tom Martin for serving as Chef Extraordinaire.

All MCFPA agency representatives in attendance introduced themselves.

Painter presented MCFPA's September meeting packet:

• MCFPA July 2011 Meeting Summary. On a voice vote the minutes were approved.

• MCFPA 2011 Financial Report – account balances as of Aug.31.2011:

o Savings: $22,040.47, Checking: $3,627.79

o Copies of Jul.2011 & Aug.2011 MFCU Statements

o 2011 Financial Report (Unencumbered Association Funds: $20,457.25)

On a voice vote the financial report was approved.

• Correspondence

o MCFPA Website Agreement (Update & Maintenance) - Glenda Wallace

o Letter from Doug Williams (DNRC) RE: 2011 Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants


• 2011 Fire Prevention / Public Education Events.

o MCFPA Puppet Shows 2011 – to be scheduled in October in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week 2011. All MCFPA agencies were asked to assist as they are able with those presentations. MFD’s Fire Prevention Bureau will be coordinating the schedule / calendar.

o MCFPA Match Safety (all Missoula County 1st Grade Classes) are tentatively scheduled to be held in April 2012.

• MCFPA Scholarship Committee Report

Brent Christopherson reported on the status of MCFPA’s scholarship efforts – the scholarship information has been distributed to the College of Technology students. Scholarship applications will be due by March 1st, 2012. MCFPA’s Board of directors will evaluate all applications, with the assistance of any other MCFPA members interested in participating.

• 2011 Outdoor Burning Permits

Sarah Coefield gave a report on MCCHD’s negotiations with Montana Interactive on a contract for providing burn permits in Missoula County through the on-line burn permit system. Specific changes to the burn permit systems’ functionality beyond those initially requested by MCCHD had been estimated by Montana Interactive to add some $6400 to the cost of the contract. There was some discussion regarding whether those additional changes (which were intended to provide for specific department approval by Missoula City & Seeley Lake) were worth the additional cost. Painter will schedule a meeting for Sarah & Jim Carlson with the City’s Administrative Leadership Team (which meets Tuesday mornings). The on-line burn permit system will have its own phone number and permits will be able to be activated via phone for those permit holders without internet access. (The initial permit will still need to be entered into the system via computer.)

• Volunteer Fire Assistance Grants

Frank Maradeo gave a brief report on this year’s VFA Grants. Florence was included in MCFPA’s grant application. Funds must be expended & projects completed by August of 2012. There are some restrictions on materials eligible for purchase through the grant.

• MCFPA Website

Glenda Wallace has started work on update of the Association’s website. Much of the current website info is out of date, but is hard coded on the site. Glenda will be working with the Board of Directors to prioritize changes to the website and transitioning the information to a more user-friendly website interface.

• 2012 DNRC / MCFPA Agency Wildland Fire Training Exercise (DNRC / MCFPA)

No specifics on an exercise for next spring have been set - MCFPA’s Board of Directors will follow up with those who have helped develop & coordinate previous year’s exercise and contact MCFPA agencies who have not yet had the opportunity to participate to see if they would be interested.

• Wildland Season Recap / Agency Reports

MCFPA representatives gave a round-table report on their respective agencies' wildland responses & other agency activities, projects & personnel changes.


• Fuel Mitigation Public Education Campaign

Missoula City Fire Inspector Garrett Venters gave a presentation on a defensible space public education campaign under way – DNRC & Missoula City Fire are working on distributing information pamphlets & putting up billboards. Those tools will be supported by some media spots as well.

Next Meeting - Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 7:00 PM

Clinton Rural Fire District (Pending approval / confirmation by Clinton FD)

Hwy 10 E, Clinton - (406) 825-6260

Summary by Painter.