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Missoula County Fire Protection Association
For obvious reasons, it's best to burn outdoors when we have the best conditions for Outdoor Burning. One consideration is air quality.

Here in Missoula County, our topography creates three airsheds that can trap material such as smoke and pollution.
We also have two Special Impact Zones: 1) the Missoula Valley and 2) the Seeley Lake area. Burn limits are necessary in these zones because smoke from many burns can have a huge impact on public health.
NOTE: Those who live in or next to the City of Missoula CANNOT BURN at any time without a permit. This includes recreational backyard fires and bon fires. NEVER ALLOWED: Burning leaves & grass inside the Air Stagnation Zone (see map). Visit the Missoula City-County Environmental Health Division website, or call them at (406) 258-4755 to learn more.
Missoula County MT
Missoula County Fire Protection Association Montana
Impact Zone M* surrounds the greater Missoula metro area & includes Frenchtown, Clinton, Lolo and Florence.
Impact Zone M*
Impact Zone SL*
Impact Zone SL surrounds Seeley Lake, but does not include Placid Lake, Lake Alva or Lake Inez.
*ASZ NOTE: During a Stage II Air Pollution Warning: restrictions on woodstove- and fireplace-use.
No burning of leaves and grass at any time inside the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone (ASZ)
Western Montana valleys are known for their air inversions. That's when woodsmoke and other pollutants get trapped in the valleys making the air unhealthy for humans to breathe. Our Online Burn Permit System helps with this. SO thank you for not burning on No Go Days.
AIRSHED MAPS - Missoula County Fire Protection Association Montana
NO BURNING PILES OF LEAVES and grass inside the Missoula Air Stagnation Zone (ASZ) at any time! These are very smoky fires, and, as such, are restricted to less-population-dense areas outside the ASZ.