Firefighters teach fire safety in Missoula County Schools
Missoula County MT
Fire Danger in Missoula County Montana
Missoula County Schools Fire Education
Our Elementary School Programs teach the basics of Firewise Living to the next generation. We do this through a variety of events, including annual programs in the schools:
MCFPA works in as many Missoula County schools as possible. Together we can live safe on this fire planet.
Firefighters in the Schools
* Firefighter Frank -
Puppets cover fire drills in the home, "stop, drop & roll," and how to "stay low & crawl out" in smoke. Meet Smokey Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog and local firefighters.
* Match Safety -
Thirty-minute program with video to teach Match Safety Rules and how to stay fire-safe at home and in the forest. Features Smokey Bear and local firefighters. PLUS...
Thanks to Missoula Fire for taking the lead with Missoula Rural, Lolo Forest, State DNRC & local fire dept. support + our school administrations!
We reached nearly 1300 elementary school students through school assemblies that featured puppets (Firefighter Frank) and Fire Safety messages.
Oct. '23 Assembly
MCFPA returned to the schools this fall to mark October as Fire Prevention Month. This year they gave away a children's book written by a local firefighter about wildland firefighting. Called Wrango and Banjo on the Fireline, it was part of  state conservation education grant. 
Fire Danger in Missoula County Montana
Missoula County Fire Protection Association Montana
Fire safety programs for kids in Missoula County MT schools
A crew of firefighters and volunteers teach "Crawl Low" and "Stop Drop & Roll" and other fire-safety tips to dozens of Missoula County Kindergartener classrooms each October using colorful Puppets and a big stage. Fire mascot often appears, as well!
School Fire Safety Programs in Montana Missoula County
School Fire Safety Programs in Montana Missoula County
Other Fire Prevention & Safety Education Tools
MCFPA members are hot on fire-prevention and -preparedness education. Every spring and fall, we introduce first graders and kindergarteners to our Fire Safety messages and they get a visit from Smokey Bear. 

We also offer a Smoke Safety Trailer. And a Smokey Bear Balloon. Contact your Fire Chief for help in engaging these free demonstration/fire-education tools.
School Fire Safety Programs in Montana Missoula County
Watch Firefighter Frank & Puppet Friends In Action!
of Missoula County Montana 
School Fire Safety Programs in Montana Missoula County
Each April, MCFPA firefighters visit local schools with Smokey Bear and/or Sparkey the Fire Dog to teach Fire Safety to first graders.  Every year more than a thousand first grade students learn about safety with matches and other fire dangers in the home, thanks to MCFPA and its member firefighters.
FireSafe, Firewise & Fire Adapted.
Contact us or your Fire Chief to share info or join our cause. THANKS for stopping by today.