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Fire Danger in Missoula County Montana
Fire Danger Missoula County Fire Protection Assn Montana
Missoula County FIRE DANGER
Fire Danger in Missoula County Montana
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Fire Danger:  MODERATE
Outdoor Burning Season by Permit is CLOSED Due To FIRE DANGER until further notice. This includes Fall Burning (Essential Agriculture and Prescribed Wildland). Yard Debris (General Outdoor Burns) are not allowed with permit until March 1, 2022. Learn about Burn Permits.
In times of HIGH fire danger, even a small ignition can lead quickly to a catastrophic wildland fire - particularly if your local Fire Agency Resources are BUSY fighting a wildfire somewhere else in their jurisdictions.
When wildland fires occur at the fringes of our communities, where rural- or wildland-fire response is limited -- when vegetation is dry and property unprepared for wildfire, just one spark can and does threaten and destroy family dwellings.

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The kinds of fuel on our landscape, the amount of rain that falls, the direction of the wind, the day's temperature and humidity -- these factors all help fire professionals determine what kind of FIRE DANGER exists in Missoula County during wildfire season
Missoula County Fire Protection Association Montana
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