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Missoula County Fire Protection Association
Burn Permits ($7) are available Online during two Outdoor Burn Seasons in Missoula County:
SPRING is the ONLY SEASON to burn Yard Debris with a Permit. Fall Burning (when fire danger allows) is for Prescribed Wildland & Essential Agriculture Burns.
Keep your Burn Permit handy. You'll need your Permit Number (#) to activate your permit on the day you would like to burn. And the permit must be at hand while burning.

Use your Permit # annually.
You'll get a renewal postcard with your Permit # each spring.
Fire stations can issue Burn Permits. Call ahead to ensure your local office is open.
Outdoor Burning Status in Missoula County for Fire Danger
Missoula County MT
You can obtain a General Outdoor Burning (Yard Debris), Prescribed Wildland & Essential Agriculture Burning Permit as of March 1st. Burn Permits in Missoula County* are governed by an Online System. Permit ($7) must be ACTIVATED THE DAY YOU BURN after 9 am. Burn Hotline has Go / No Go: 1-888-583-6497.
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View airshed maps depicting the Air Stagnation Zone for Missoula County
Burn permits in Missoula area are strictly limited. Bon fires need permits. No recreational fire pits.
Missoula City Residents*
Structural and wildland fire officials, cooperating with the Missoula City-County Health Department, have been issuing Burning Permits to residents since 1990. The result is a reduction in the number of fire escapes and 911 calls leading to non-critical (emergency-response-clogging) dispatch.
Missoula County's ONLINE SEASONAL BURN PERMIT SYSTEM helps fire officials with permitting, reporting, and the tracking of wanted or temporary outdoor burns. The online system is useful in rural areas where fire-service response depends on volunteers.
Missoula County Fire Protection Association Montana
Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA) members want to prevent unwanted fire and its more destructive effects from occurring. One way to do this is to regulate the use of fire (purposeful ignitions) through an Outdoor Burn Permit System.
in Missoula County MT
Outdoor Burn Permits are strictly limited in the City of Missoula due to the Air Stagnation Zone.

In order to obtain a Permit within city limits, Missoula Residents need at least an acre of land. Burn site will be inspected by the City-County Health Department.
*Missoula residents must obtain Permits from the City-County Health Department: (406) 258-4755 / 301 Alder St. 

Note: 2020 Recent City Annexations in
Potter and Butler Creek Areas.
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