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Fire Danger in Missoula County Montana
Fire Danger in Missoula County Montana
Outdoor Burning Status Spring in Missoula County for Fire Danger
Creating home
If your property is to survive a wildfire, it needs "defensible space." That means you've created a home that can survive without intervention from available firefighters.
Missoula County Defensible Space
Is your vegetation strategically limited? Can responding firefighters safely work on your property? Your goal: A home that can withstand the flame front. Limit the "little things" that can capture an ember. 
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When fire danger increases dramatically and smoke is in the air from wildfires near and far, folks want to know what to do to protect their homes from wildfire
So, before wildfire smoke is in the air, prepare your property with defensible space: Create a buffer between the flames and your valuables to reduce the chances that flying embers will stop, linger and destroy. Your home can better survive a wildfire with your strategic help.

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Missoula County Fire Protection Association Montana
DEFENSIBLE SPACE:  We live on a uniquely fire planet.
Fire evacuation guide due to Montana wildfires PDF File from DNRC
Create a greenbelt around your property where vegetation is low and green
A regularly watered lawn surrounding your home cools the air and can retard the spread of flames from a nearby wildfire. If you can't keep a greenbelt, make sure vegetation is maintained at its lowest height. For maximum safety, do this work well before fire season.

Firewise USA is an excellent resource for learning techniques that will help your property survive a wildfire flame front.
Defensible Space Tips
"When creating defensible space, landowners should consider managing multiple ecological goals, including slope stabilization with deeply rooted vegetation, riparian and wetland systems, wildlife habitat and more."
- Wildfire Adapted Missoula County website
Wildfire Partners Missoula - Widfire Aware Missoula Website
Firefighters know from decades of research and study that homes burn down because flames and embers find "the little things" on your property and then linger there to burn: Things like leaves under your wooden deck or in the gutters of your roof. Enough small fires on your property without firefighter intervention, your home or plot of woods will burn.
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